Photo Galleries
Resurrection Sunday 2015
Photos from our Easter Sunday service.

Passover Rememberance Dinner 2015
Our leadership took part in a Passover Rememberance dinner. Jesus' last supper was Passover. Because of that, it is important that we remember Him on Passover.

Photos from 2015
Photos from throughout 2015.

Other photos from 2014
Photos from 2014

Keys to the Kingdom Women's Conference
Photos from our 2014 women's conference.

Christmas 2014
Photos from December 2014.

Resurrection Sunday 2013
Photos from our Easter Sunday service in 2013.

Other Photos from 2013
Photos from 2013

Baptisms 2012
Baptisms during the summer of 2012.

Ghana 2012
Photos from our mission trip to Ghana in 2012.

Guest Speaker: Harry Jackson 2012
Photos from summer 2012 when Reverend Harry Jackson spoke at our church.

Other Photos From 2012
Photos from 2012

Revival 2011
Reverend Harry Jackson was the guest speaker during Revival 2011.

Other 2011 Photos
Photos from throughout 2011.